The Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Ireland


The time of New Year is definitely exciting. But some people begin worrying where they should head to spend their New Year time. But you should not worry a lot. Simply, plan your trip to Ireland. Ireland offers you whatever you demands. It will completely transform your New Year experience. But you need to considerably choose the places you will visit.

Here mentioning the best places to spend New Year event in Ireland.

  1. Dunfanaghy – County Donegal:

Donegal will accelerate your experience with its crisp winter walks and cozy pubs. Moreover, in the villages, you will have plethora of opportunities to get into the celebrations of New Year in the town’s pubs or bars. In alternate to this, there are a lot of local hotels initiating celebration on their own. They will offer you a meal and drinks, a roaring fire to facilitate the guests with nightcap. It is the good place to begin your New Year event with a generous breakfast and heading to visiting the place.

  1. Galway City – Connemara:

The people who already been to Galway know that the New Year night of Galway is the thing to always remember. You can begin your day with the mid to high restaurants of city; then you can head to any of the quaint pub for your evening. Here you will get entertained by the local musical traditions and local singing. From your night before, must visit the Connemara to blow away all sorts of cobwebs. It also enables you to enjoy long walks along the beach.

  1. Belfast – County Antrim:

For those who want their New Year event to be the liveliest than, Belfast is the considerable place to go. It is great to enjoy fireworks and get to party wears. It features everything from black tie balls to quirky events. It is a complete package of entertainment. To get into ultimate entertainment, must give a visit to Belfast.

  1. Dublin City – County Dublin:

Dublin arranges a great party in the occasion of New Year eve. It is a free festival for everyone whether it’s local or tourist.  The festival has family friendly gatherings with street performers and music makes it more entertaining. Before the countdown, there is build up of exciting music. You will greatly enjoy your time at Dublin city and spending your New Year time.

  1. Carlingford – County Louth:

This is relaxing option if you want to spend your new year even with relaxation. This is a quaint village you can find in between Belfast and Dublin. It is a lovely place for those who want peaceful walks in nature. It also has pub lunches. However, in night time, there are a lot of party goers and musicians to create full on music and sound all around. If it is the place for relaxation then it is also suitable for great fun and excitement.

Updated: March 30, 2020 — 5:06 pm

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