Spend New Year’s 2021 Event in Dubai


Dubai is the heart of the UAE; it is a lively city with a lot of changes with the flow of time. It can be seen in the form of beauty overloaded indeed. It is a dreamland for the visitors. They love to go there and stay there for any time of the year indeed, but if a person is getting the chance to go there at the particular time of New Year Eve, then it is like a lottery for him to have fun package. He is going to have a plethora of fun and entertainment in addition to wonderful happy and contended experiences in his lifetime at the particular time of New Year Eve in Dubai.

Awesome Firework

Dazzling fireworks can be observed all over Dubai but especially over the highest building called Burj Khalifa. You are feeling like a dream when you see it from distant apart as well. Joy is equal for all over there for free. Three famous fireworks are:

  1. Burj Khalifa: the beautiful moments of fireworks over the peaks of Burj Khalifa are unavoidable indeed. They are captured by the media as well as television as every glimpse is previous and having the splendor for the viewers in all regards. Things happen at midnight with the flux of light plus water shows at the moment of delightful fireworks.
  2. Atlantis: a beautiful scene can e viewed on Atlantis for fireworks chunks at the time of New Year midnight for the farewell to the gone year and welcome to the new one. It is one of the kinds of a show having splendid beauty in it.
  3. Umm Al Sequim: it is a beach where the beauty of fireworks can be seen in the shadowed waters of the sea. The things look like a fairy tale when the fireworks go high in the sky and then come back to get lost in the waters. The clock strikes 12, and the things go smooth in the direction of the entertainment.

Clubs And Bars

Further entertainment packages are available at the pubs and bars. They keep on adding to the flow of fun with the splendid time of the year at New Year Eve. Main locations are:

  • Barasati bar
  • Bahri bar
  • Cavalli club

All three spots are having a considerable amount of entertainment plus wine quality for the people. Special DJs and music arrangements are also done at the time of New Year Eve so that the audience may have more out of it in all regards.


A royal dinner is organized at the Dubai Opera for the elite class and unique visitors to Dubai. It just opens the party with the fireworks plus overloaded food and entertainment when the clock strikes 12. The party begins with the entertainment package added with the extraordinary dancers plus more and more music system for the users. Opera is a particular name given to the entertainment over there at New Year Eve.

Updated: March 30, 2020 — 5:19 pm

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