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Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Switzerland


If you ever want to visit Switzerland, then the New Year time is best. Spending one time here in Switzerland in New Year will make you urge again. You can enjoy a lot of spectacular fireworks sparkling the sky, dancing, music, and a lot more.

You need to choose the right places at Switzerland to make your travel plan perfect. Here mentioning the best places to spend New Year event in Switzerland.

  1. Zurich:

Maybe you heard about it. Zurich is one of the famous New Year eve place. It has the biggest Switzerland New Year party. In this party more than 100,000 people come around at the lake of Zurich to enjoy live music concert, eating, drinking, and marvel at spectacular firework displays. The most amazing thing here is the churches of city ring bells at midnight and party still continuous till the wee time and end up by 3am.

  1. Interlaken:

Interlaken parties occurs all the best in the time of 31st December, New Year night. It features music and fireworks. However the party finishes on January 1st because another great light get displayed on the Hohematte as all the artists and musicians needed to head there to transform the lake side into festival. Being there till 2nd of January will make you experience Harderpotschete. This day all the streets get filled with the Hardemann and his masked troupe of people. Surely a great place to visit to have an ultimate experience.

  1. Basel:

Basel brings you the common New Year night celebrations that include late night display of vibrant color fireworks all over the sky and the beautiful medieval Mittlere Bruke is the historic bridge, the symbol of this city. Before the fireworks, you will experience the tradition brass band sound in the front of the cathedral. You are also allowed to have drinks in between the time of 11 am till 1 pm.

  1. Lugano:

The main focus is the pretty Piazza della Riforma in Lugano as this canton is both Switzerland and Italian that brings a new style in New Year. The reason why people flock here is eating, drinking and dancing on the music presented by the most popular Swiss DJs. The party continuous till the bell rings 12.

  1. Geneva:

Geneva is the most ideal location in Switzerland. It is perched onto the banks of Lac Leman. Definitely consider this place to experience the wonderful fireworks getting displayed all over the country. The specialty of this place is that, each year it has a different theme. Alongside this, there is a music function that is presented till the early times. The venue for this show is Plainpalais square.

These are all the best places where you can spend your New Year event in Switzerland. Without any doubt, Switzerland is a must to go place but if you are a chilling person and always want thrill the Switzerland New Year events are calming.