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The Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Ireland


The time of New Year is definitely exciting. But some people begin worrying where they should head to spend their New Year time. But you should not worry a lot. Simply, plan your trip to Ireland. Ireland offers you whatever you demands. It will completely transform your New Year experience. But you need to considerably choose the places you will visit.

Here mentioning the best places to spend New Year event in Ireland.

  1. Dunfanaghy – County Donegal:

Donegal will accelerate your experience with its crisp winter walks and cozy pubs. Moreover, in the villages, you will have plethora of opportunities to get into the celebrations of New Year in the town’s pubs or bars. In alternate to this, there are a lot of local hotels initiating celebration on their own. They will offer you a meal and drinks, a roaring fire to facilitate the guests with nightcap. It is the good place to begin your New Year event with a generous breakfast and heading to visiting the place.

  1. Galway City – Connemara:

The people who already been to Galway know that the New Year night of Galway is the thing to always remember. You can begin your day with the mid to high restaurants of city; then you can head to any of the quaint pub for your evening. Here you will get entertained by the local musical traditions and local singing. From your night before, must visit the Connemara to blow away all sorts of cobwebs. It also enables you to enjoy long walks along the beach.

  1. Belfast – County Antrim:

For those who want their New Year event to be the liveliest than, Belfast is the considerable place to go. It is great to enjoy fireworks and get to party wears. It features everything from black tie balls to quirky events. It is a complete package of entertainment. To get into ultimate entertainment, must give a visit to Belfast.

  1. Dublin City – County Dublin:

Dublin arranges a great party in the occasion of New Year eve. It is a free festival for everyone whether it’s local or tourist.  The festival has family friendly gatherings with street performers and music makes it more entertaining. Before the countdown, there is build up of exciting music. You will greatly enjoy your time at Dublin city and spending your New Year time.

  1. Carlingford – County Louth:

This is relaxing option if you want to spend your new year even with relaxation. This is a quaint village you can find in between Belfast and Dublin. It is a lovely place for those who want peaceful walks in nature. It also has pub lunches. However, in night time, there are a lot of party goers and musicians to create full on music and sound all around. If it is the place for relaxation then it is also suitable for great fun and excitement.

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in The United Kingdom


UK is a great place to spend your New Year Night in any way you want to. United Kingdom offers you a whole range of events that ranges from uncommon cultures with the roots of history. It features night parties having top names in the industry of music. It enables you to dance the whole night, watch fireworks, or simply chat with your friends. You can also wander the whole place watching partygoers, sit on the bench at coastal setting to experience the peace of sea.

Here are the best places to visit in the United Kingdom for New Year Event.

  1. Edinburgh:

The capital of Scotland really knows the way to welcome the New Year. In Edinburgh you will experience, the chilly winter, a plethora of people flocking in the city for the celebrations of New Year Hogmanay with music, fireworks being displayed along with a great arrangement of arts, events and fun. Besides this, the New Year Events street parties and concerts are also considerable. The festivals here continue for straight three day.

  1. Allendale:

This of the place of United Kingdom will give you the most different experience of New Year. Here in this place, men having blackened faces are said to be as guiders, bear ash barrel of tar all through the town, tossing into a great bonfire, this is what creates a spectacular vision. This will surely make your New Year holidays great and fascinating. Here you can have a great event with all your family members.

  1. Cardiff:

This place, the capital of Welsh has its own name for celebrating New Year events. This place provides you with Calennig that means the first day of the month, which is total fun, a family friendly occasion, having a lot of fireworks to finalize the last day of year. Cardiff will be same in all the year and offers you memorable celebrating events for your New Year eve. In fact, it enables you to skate in the winter wonderlands at New Year event, it avails you special midnight skates.

  1. Manchester:

This is the liveliest city at its best. Manchester has its own vibes in the time of New Year eve. It never gives you a chance to sit idle without being a part of excitement and fun. The oxford street has its lights that shines up the whole city and offers you a lot of venues to go and enjoy your new year. For big club nights you can go to the Ritz or the Warehouse project. To experience a different style of music, enjoy listening pop by matt and phreds for mardi gras.

  1. Looe:

Looe is the most famous for New Year’s celebrations in the whole United Kingdom. Here you can welcome the New Year in fancy dresses. It is actually a cultural fishing village where you will experience the traditional and rituals. You can begin your time with the most delicious seafood cuisine.

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Thailand


Everyone always wants their New Year celebrations unique and exciting to welcome the New Year warmly. This is only possible when you will change your surroundings and get to some exciting places. Thailand is also a great place to consider of you want to enjoy the upcoming days of New Year peacefully. Thailand New Year events feature in offering variant drinks to great fireworks.

Here mentioning all the top places you can visit to Celebrate New Year in Thailand.

  1. Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai:

The northern capital of Thailand is always a hotspot for all the holidays and festivals. Similarly, New Year event also occurs here. The New Year celebration in Chiang Mai is quite different and calm in comparison to other cities where rowdy celebrations occur. Even if it’s a big city, still it gives small town vibes. The best ceremony happens here is candle lit lantern. Thais and foreigners gather around with different ranges of lanterns in city before they let it go in the dark sky. And let that go as the clock ticks 12, the whole sky shines.

  1. Rooftop – Bangkok:

You will feel something magical being at the top Bangkok’s rooftop bars. People stand at the rooftop and view the whole city. They can easily experience the great view of Chao Phraya River, Banyan tree, Above Eleven, Three Sixty, Octave Rooftop Lounge and bar.

  1. Asiatique:

This is actually a combo of night bazaar and mall. It is a perfect place for those who want to welcome their new year with peace and relaxation. This place offers you a lot of outdoor shopping, restaurant serving international and traditional Thai foods; everyone will easily find something suiting him or her. Asiatique becomes quite romantic because it is right beside the Chao Phraya River.

  1. Khao San Road in Bangkok:

The people who want to welcome their new year in whole maniac way should get to the Khao San Road. A lot of people see this strip of outdoor bars and clubs spoiled because of a plethora of tourists who get in here with disorderly fashion. However, here New Year night features eating scorpions, having one or too many liquor buckets and dance nights at the club. It is a perfect place for maniac sort of youngsters.

  1. The Chao Phraya River:

If you want to experience the artery of Bangkok than this river is something best. Chao Phraya is romantic and relaxing both regardless of what you want to does, visiting the restaurants or splurges onto a river cruise with a buffet and live band to boot. A lot of restaurants line in the river offers you exclusive menu to celebrate your night. For instance you can go to the Ramada Plaza Bangkok Menam Riverside offering you high level international seafood barbecue buffet, lucky draw prizes and drinks. This place in Thailand is tourist’s attraction and a must to visit place.

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Switzerland


If you ever want to visit Switzerland, then the New Year time is best. Spending one time here in Switzerland in New Year will make you urge again. You can enjoy a lot of spectacular fireworks sparkling the sky, dancing, music, and a lot more.

You need to choose the right places at Switzerland to make your travel plan perfect. Here mentioning the best places to spend New Year event in Switzerland.

  1. Zurich:

Maybe you heard about it. Zurich is one of the famous New Year eve place. It has the biggest Switzerland New Year party. In this party more than 100,000 people come around at the lake of Zurich to enjoy live music concert, eating, drinking, and marvel at spectacular firework displays. The most amazing thing here is the churches of city ring bells at midnight and party still continuous till the wee time and end up by 3am.

  1. Interlaken:

Interlaken parties occurs all the best in the time of 31st December, New Year night. It features music and fireworks. However the party finishes on January 1st because another great light get displayed on the Hohematte as all the artists and musicians needed to head there to transform the lake side into festival. Being there till 2nd of January will make you experience Harderpotschete. This day all the streets get filled with the Hardemann and his masked troupe of people. Surely a great place to visit to have an ultimate experience.

  1. Basel:

Basel brings you the common New Year night celebrations that include late night display of vibrant color fireworks all over the sky and the beautiful medieval Mittlere Bruke is the historic bridge, the symbol of this city. Before the fireworks, you will experience the tradition brass band sound in the front of the cathedral. You are also allowed to have drinks in between the time of 11 am till 1 pm.

  1. Lugano:

The main focus is the pretty Piazza della Riforma in Lugano as this canton is both Switzerland and Italian that brings a new style in New Year. The reason why people flock here is eating, drinking and dancing on the music presented by the most popular Swiss DJs. The party continuous till the bell rings 12.

  1. Geneva:

Geneva is the most ideal location in Switzerland. It is perched onto the banks of Lac Leman. Definitely consider this place to experience the wonderful fireworks getting displayed all over the country. The specialty of this place is that, each year it has a different theme. Alongside this, there is a music function that is presented till the early times. The venue for this show is Plainpalais square.

These are all the best places where you can spend your New Year event in Switzerland. Without any doubt, Switzerland is a must to go place but if you are a chilling person and always want thrill the Switzerland New Year events are calming.

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Pakistan


Even though, if it is not an old traditional, still it is quite faster making its place and getting popular. Yes here I am mentioning about New Year celebration. It is mostly considerable among kids, teens, and young adults. The most obvious way to celebrate new year eve in Pakistan is amazing display, males dancing on streets in a crowd, songs, and of course fireworks at its huge. The major cities of Pakistan host quite great functions for New Year event. The displays arrange are enough to draw crowds.

Here mentioning the places you can visit in New Year in Pakistan.

  1. Karachi – The City of Lights:

It is the largest city of Pakistan and yes the busiest too. Karachi is expanded in large area of land. There are three major places where the New Year Celebration Events occurs.

Seaview: at the end time of 2017, the government of Sindh excluded the ban on New Year celebration at Seaview. Now there people gather here with their families for a great firework display. This is the function arranged by the provincial government for entertainment of the local people. But, potential security also arranges for peaceful celebration.

Port Grand: Port Grand also arranges musical night at New Year eve from the past few times. Mostly live concerts occur with famous Pakistani singers like Farhan Saeed, Nudrat Mughal, Naveed Taj, Amjad Warsi, and Zubair Rehman. Definitely, the function is equipped with a lot of entertainment, a range of delicious cuisines offered, and a lot of fun activities. End the New Year night get ends with a colorful view of fireworks all over the sky.

Bahria Town: Bahria Town also arranges a big event for New Year. The main thing you will observe here is the fireworks covering the sky.

  1. Lahore – The City of Gardens:

Lahore is also great in celebrating the New Year Event in Pakistan. Lahore has two main events for New Year. Alongside, people gather on street, dance and do fireworks for their celebration. ‘

Amanah Mall: Amanah Mall has the biggest celebration concerts for New Year. Last year the most melodious singer Sahir Ali Bagga was there to entertain people. This enables people to sing with him along with dancing and then the countdown begins. The night ends with a lot of fireworks with your family and friends.

Bahria Town: The major celebration of this place is the fireworks that especially creates rainbow in night at sky.

  1. Islamabad – The Capital:

Islamabad is quite near Rawalpindi, so commuting is quite easy in both of these cities. Two grand functions occur here. Still, people gather on streets to celebrate their New Year.

Giga Mall: Giga mall has enormous New Year event celebration program. The whole sky lights up with beautiful color fireworks. Everyone is welcomes to join.

Bahria Town: here also the function has fireworks, songs, and people dance. The night ends with beautiful fireworks covering the sky. Countdown begins and the whole crowd cheers out loud and watches the sky amazingly.

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Mexico


All over the world, the time of New Year is actually a gala time. Everyone wants to begin their new year with ultimate fun and positivity. People want to experience wonderful and exciting feats happening around. Being in Mexico gives you fantastic time at the end of year to welcome your new year with great fun. The whole Mexico transforms into positive vibe people celebrating here and there and welcoming New Year with wishes in mind.

So here are the best places where you can spend your new year in Mexico.

  1. Plaza De La Constitution:

This is actually the place having all the traditional Mexican culture with its full sprits and festivities. It offers you fireworks, delicious cuisines, decorative and creative lighting all over the streets, etc. while celebrating new year event, people can expect a lot more than this. If you want to experience something new this New Year eve, then this place is a perfect choice.

  1. Zocalo:

Zocalo is the major street of Mexico City. Here the most vibrant sort of celebrations occurs. You will experience the fireworks, tasty foods, and the grapes market. The core thing you will enjoy here is the food getting prepared in the restaurants on this street. This streets avails you ultimate gala time with your family and friends. The celebrations here continuous till night, so if you want to go to Mexico, must visit this street at New Year eve.

  1. Monterrey:

Maybe you already know that this is the place just 100 miles far from the United States of America. The one living there can easily come here to experience new things. In the New Year time, everyone follows their traditions so tourists get to know about it. At the final time, Monterrey offers you ultimate fun along with a great cheerful crowd, good food, and of course fireworks. Wholly, this is a great place to visit and spend the days of your New Year event. It is a must visit place for those living in the USA.

  1. Puerto Vallarta:

Basically, Puerto Vallarta is a beach destination. People can easily spend here New Year eve with singing around and having mouth watering cuisines along with drinks. As it is a beach side, so you can also get into private celebration. This is actually difficult to find in this time of year. The restaurants can boost your mood with their outrageous crowd, great music, and exciting mood. Definitely, this beach party in New Year is a great to consider thing.

  1. Guadalajara:

This is the funniest place to spend your new year in Mexico. Apart from all other cities, here people are willing to spend their New Year time outdoor. The markets are wholly lit up adorning the people and New Year celebration. You can gather things with you like inner wear, lentils, grapes, and eggs. There it is tradition to enjoy the New Year with breaking the piñata.

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Canada


This new year you should not spend your money in just party planning. Do something new and refreshing. There are a lot of New Year places you can visit in Canada to welcome your New Year. Close all the worries of previous year and begin your new year with the sparkle and enchant of Canada.

Visiting Canada in New Year will make you experience massive fireworks in Niagara Falls and Vancouver, to the zip lines, raucous concerts, and a lot of ice staking in the famous cities of Canada, like Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto.

Here listing down the places in Canada you can visit for New Year Event.

  1. Halifax – Nova Scotia:

The compelling reasons to step in Halifax will really amaze you. in the New Year night, it has free public parties that is from 10 pm to 12:15 am. Those parties have live music from well known singers. The celebration at NYE get completed with a sparkle, the largest fireworks get displayed at Atlantic Canada in midnight. Shindig also occurs at the Grand Parade and the venue is the City Hall.

  1. Quebec City – Quebec:

Quebec city is special because it gives you long lasting celebration. Here in Quebec city the free and public new year parties begins from December 27 and continues till December 31st. Grand Allee is the venue for these celebrations. It lets you enjoy Ferris wheel, traditional music, an urban zipline, a giant slide, heated terraces, light shows, and bars outdoor. Besides this, the New Year party also equips dance party on Madeon’s electronic music and ends with fireworks lighting the sky.

  1. Montreal – Quebec:

Montreal is widely known because of its wild 2500 person dance party that held at L’Olympia. Montreal also offers you free public fun. More than 40 thousands of people attend the New Year party. The party occurs at scenic old port. These parties are family friendly and have fireworks, live outdoor performances, ice skating, etc. at mid night after fireworks; you can stick and enjoy dance party with DJ which is till 2 am. It is a great place to accelerate your experience.

  1. Ottawa – Ontario:

The capital of this nation really goes out for the celebration of New Year Eve. In Ontario, the New Year party is in traditional Scottish style named as Hogmanay party. The location for this party is usually Lansdowne’s Aberdeen Pavilion. Definitely as its name suggests, the party features in Scottish music, scotch tasting sessions, highland dancing, Scottish cuisines, fireworks, and outdoor skating.

  1. Toronto – Ontario:

Toronto is the place of glitters and enjoyment. More than fifty thousands of people will cover the place of Nathan Phillips Square for New Year party. The staring timings of party is usually 7 pm. the New Year Even in Toronto includes interactive and musical exhibits, fireworks, variant cuisines, dancing, etc. There is also a room for ice skating. The fireworks occur at midnight.

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Brazil


Brazil comes in the list of all largest countries in South America. The people of Brazil are rooted to their traditional beliefs and values. The people of Brazil use to celebrate their New Year more like a festival celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal covered in cultural values and norms. This event in Brazil gets celebrated at larger pace.

Here listing down the places you can visit for New Year event in Brazil.

  1. Capocabana Beach:

Capocabana Beach shows the most beautiful occurring of this festival in Brazil. This great party at beach features a lot of delicious food, live music, dazzling fireworks and of course millions of crowds. The fireworks at Brazil’s New Year event last for about 15 minutes sparking the whole sky. According to their tradition and ritual, people wear white colored clothes and wish good luck for each other.

  1. Alter Do Chao – Para:

This is actually a name of beach that is also said to be as Brazilian Caribbean Sea. This sea is known as one of the most fine looking fresh water beaches in the world. Its location is Tapojos River. This beach hosts grand New Year party and even the party is long lasting. The party begins from 27 of December and ends on the New Year day. The major entertainment of this party is live music concert and the hidden secret.

  1. Garopaba – Santa Catrina:

The northeastern and southeastern parts of Brazil are tourists attraction. In small time this small place Garopaba got a lot of popularity. There is a huge new year event party happens. The center of attraction is their Virada Magica Party. Besides the fireworks displayed at night, the morning sunrise view of this places mesmerizes the hearts. If you really want to celebrate your New Year time in Brazil then this is the perfect place.

  1. Visconde De Maua – Rio De Janerio:

There come a lot of points about party in Brazil. Most of the Brazilians do not like to party on beach. In fact, in place of this, they like to visit any other place having nature. Rio De Janerio is the place covered with nature featuring numerous waterfalls, lush greenery, lakes, rivers, and a lot of tasty local dishes. It is the perfect place to dwell. It enables you to do a lot of activities like visiting Italiaia national park, hiking up the mountains, isolated waterfalls, walking over the pedestrians, and a lot more. Besides all this, it offers you a lot of more things to accelerate the experience of your New Year.

  1. Porto Seguru:

After Copacabana Beach, Porto Seguru Beach is the second ultimate choice. This place is preferable for hosting New Year parties. It offers you numerous infrastructure facilities and landmark beaches. Its other places features in playing mix music like Brazilian pop, but especially in Porto Seguru you can hear only one type of music names as AXE. It is actually a combo of Brazilian rhymes.

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Australia


Australia comes under the list of most vibrant country. It is a best place to visit in the month of December to escape the cold winters. It enables you to celebrate New Year event in a different charm than all other places. During the New Year a lot of people including the locals and tourists gather around in the cities to experience the fireworks and welcome New Year.

Here are some of the places in Australia you can visit to welcome your new year differently.

  1. Sydney:

Without any doubt Sydney is one of the best places to spend your New Year eve throughout Australia. Sydney makes you experience swarming the most famous harbor of city foreshore for catching the glimpse of the firework ongoing. There are a variety of different colorful fireworks displayed to accelerate the experience. most of the New Year festivals in Sydney occurs in the harbor bridge from where you can experience the best views and ultimate fireworks.

  1. Brisbane:

Story bridge in Brisbane is the place you can go for experiencing ultimate fun for New Year celebrations in Australia. This is the major point in Brisbane where all the celebrations occur concerning the New Year night. The bridge gets decorated with colorful lights that cover the whole background. More than 30,000 firecrackers launches from the rooftops to enhance the celebrations. In Australia, Brisbane one of the must visit place.

  1. Melbourne:

In Melbourne, for New Year Eve celebrations, the sky entirely gets light up with a lot of colored sparkles from the fireworks. They fireworks get initiated from high rising towers in Melbourne. The famous spots of Melbourne get occupied with locals and tourists for celebrating the New Year eve. You can visit the Yarra Park to become the part of carnival celebrations.

  1. Adelaide:

Adelaide allows you to enjoy mesmerizing fireworks that are displayed from the northern fringe of the central part of the city. The city leaves the people awestruck at 9pm and midnight by lighting up the whole sky. To enjoy the live concerts, you can ho to Elder Park. You can see a lot of talented musicians performing and you can accelerate your celebrations by munching the local food of Australia. Accommodating this park, you can easily find a lot of food stalls selling fresh and tasty foods. For making your New Year Eve different, consider going, Adelaide.

  1. Hobart:

Maybe you already know about the most popular festival of Australia, Tasmania. This get occurs in the month of Decembers and continues the whole January. This festival is open for all visitors. It entertains you by showing the new year food traditions of Australia, offers you handcrafted premium quality cheese, pinot noir, local sea urchins, and pear cider. In evening times, this festival only allows the ticket holders. The people who are foodies should must visit this place. Besides this, you can experience the fireworks in the sky and countdown occurs in most of the streets.

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Asia

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Asia

Definitely, you will know about each and everything about New Year and Christmas in your hometown. If you can then you should escape for just few days and enjoy a new feel at a different place. Plan to spend your New Year in Asia. This is a chance for you to good bye your old fortune and enters in new year with new experience in a new culture. It would be your unforgettable night whether if you spend your night at fireworks in Taipel or get to the highland in Sentosa Island.

Here mentioning the best places to celebrate New Year in Asia.

1.     Victoria Harbor – Hong Kong:

Maybe you also know, Victoria Harbor is a globally known place having striking waterfront views in Hong Kong at seaside. This is one of the best place to enjoy your New Year time in Hong Kong. To enjoy the New Year countdown, go to the belle of the ball. There is also a street party providing you bright and energetic surrounding. Alongside, there will be a ten minute pyro musical lighting all over the sky.

2.   Taipel – Taiwan:

Taipel is one of the most popular cities all over the world for celebrating New Year night. People proudly display huge fireworks with the help of expert designers. People flock that you are unable to stand closely to the skyscraper. At Taipel you can enjoy a lot of things like New Year night firework at river side parks, Room 18, Luxy, ATT, show box, and Grand Hyatt Hotel.

3.   Singapore:

Singapore is highly impacted by western world. Singapore has huge and beautiful celebrations for the New Year Evening whole across the country. But its most wanted show occurs in the most popular Marina Bay Sands celebrations at the Singapore skyline with the boom said to be as Supernova Countdown. The turnaround time for fireworks at Singapore is just 8 minutes that lights up the whole downtown of the country. After this, you can enjoy Wishing Spheres ceremony where you mention your wishes on a floating orb, lit that and then float with the flow of water. Seems enjoying, right? It is. The dark night of New Year transforms into sparkling lights all over the sky and land too. At the infinity pool, wild parties occur,

4.   Bangkok – Thailand:

Do you know, the main New Year eve of Thailand occurs in April. But the first day of year is still a remarkable day. A lot of parties and events get celebrated in entire country in December 31st and 1st January. But the most considerable place to spend your new year time is the capital of this country, the Bangkok city.

5.    Chi Minh City – Vietnam:

In this city of Vietnam, the whole city sparkles at Vietnam. This city will give you a wonderful experience of New Year. Being a part of a night club at new year even will accelerate your experience at ultimate level. joining the street celebration will be ultimate experience.

Alaska New Year Eve

Celebration In Households:

During new year eve very one celebrates this event by full of their joys. They arrange many dishes and delicious food they cook for their relatives. They give presents along with good wishes to one another so they get they eventfully enjoyable and happy to spend. Everyone shows love to each other and helps them in all the manners as they can to get the best relation among each other. Houses are decorated with glitters and many decorative items to get the perfect look to live the pleasant moment of the new year’s eve. It is not only the time to enjoy but to make individually a new year resolution to make the bad habits be eliminated. When one makes a new year resolution the person gets stick to it a whole year so that the person will make his life better to live.

Outdoor Celebrations:

There are fireworks on the clouds that look fantastic to see and make a person’s mood more refreshing and awesome. It makes the best time of the person’s life. Not only the common people but the workers, politicians and all the categories and professionals get the full benefit of this day. The fireworks on the clouds look more mind-blowing with plenty of fire colors and glitter. The shining fire on the sky makes it the better thing of this eve. All the persons are very happy. Apart from fireworks, different markets also get decorated especially for this event with flowers and new year standees and pamphlets. It is not a small event but a huge event to celebrate and stare at. On this day everyone is celebrating in his way to get the best moment of this day and his own life which is waited the whole year.

Light Walk At The Mountain:

In Alaska on the eve of the new year, people walk on the hills holding the torch lights on their hands. They point the light towards the mountain to make the mountain shiny and bright for the people to see. It looks more attractive on this day to make.

Dance Party At The Spot:

The most loving and important thing that the Alaska people do is dance during the new year. It makes them more pleasant and good to feel during the new year. Itis the best thing they do during this time. Not only the dance is included in this party but some soft drinks are also served by the people that make the event more desiring and admired for the people. People dance and drink different soft drinks that include; alcohol, vine, and multiple juices according to individual flavor. It is the best habit for people. Exact at midnight, The fireworks start. People starting howling and shouting with happiness to show them that they are glad for the next year. To show they are ready to face the life that the new year brings with their happy thoughts. To face the hardships of next year with full strength again.

Spend New Year’s 2021 Event in Dubai


Dubai is the heart of the UAE; it is a lively city with a lot of changes with the flow of time. It can be seen in the form of beauty overloaded indeed. It is a dreamland for the visitors. They love to go there and stay there for any time of the year indeed, but if a person is getting the chance to go there at the particular time of New Year Eve, then it is like a lottery for him to have fun package. He is going to have a plethora of fun and entertainment in addition to wonderful happy and contended experiences in his lifetime at the particular time of New Year Eve in Dubai.

Awesome Firework

Dazzling fireworks can be observed all over Dubai but especially over the highest building called Burj Khalifa. You are feeling like a dream when you see it from distant apart as well. Joy is equal for all over there for free. Three famous fireworks are:

  1. Burj Khalifa: the beautiful moments of fireworks over the peaks of Burj Khalifa are unavoidable indeed. They are captured by the media as well as television as every glimpse is previous and having the splendor for the viewers in all regards. Things happen at midnight with the flux of light plus water shows at the moment of delightful fireworks.
  2. Atlantis: a beautiful scene can e viewed on Atlantis for fireworks chunks at the time of New Year midnight for the farewell to the gone year and welcome to the new one. It is one of the kinds of a show having splendid beauty in it.
  3. Umm Al Sequim: it is a beach where the beauty of fireworks can be seen in the shadowed waters of the sea. The things look like a fairy tale when the fireworks go high in the sky and then come back to get lost in the waters. The clock strikes 12, and the things go smooth in the direction of the entertainment.

Clubs And Bars

Further entertainment packages are available at the pubs and bars. They keep on adding to the flow of fun with the splendid time of the year at New Year Eve. Main locations are:

  • Barasati bar
  • Bahri bar
  • Cavalli club

All three spots are having a considerable amount of entertainment plus wine quality for the people. Special DJs and music arrangements are also done at the time of New Year Eve so that the audience may have more out of it in all regards.


A royal dinner is organized at the Dubai Opera for the elite class and unique visitors to Dubai. It just opens the party with the fireworks plus overloaded food and entertainment when the clock strikes 12. The party begins with the entertainment package added with the extraordinary dancers plus more and more music system for the users. Opera is a particular name given to the entertainment over there at New Year Eve.

Berlin New Year Eve


Berlin is well known for a plethora of good pubs and clubs. It is having an amalgam of cultures for those who are intending to enjoy it. Special arrangements are expected at the particular time of New Year Eve. Berlin is indeed an attractive city. It is fun for those who are true fun lovers. When it comes to the point of consideration regarding New Year Eve, then extraordinary things happen to the prospect for fun. They are doing it uniquely and differently.

Some of the most prominent features for specifically New Year Eve are:


The sky gets filled with the colors and beauty of fireworks, which are adding to the splendor of the specific New Year Eve. The streets are ready to welcome the people for having tremendous fun through a variety of art-filled fireworks at that time. It is having energy and sparks with full traditions of filling the sky with the floral art of firework. A type of firework can be observed for the reason of colors and beauty. People feel excited about the feelings of firework colors splendid in life. It is fantastic at the time of the night.

Music shows

Individual concerts are organized at the time of New Year Eve with the special DJs and Singers to add to the fun of New Year Eve reasonably. As the clocks strike, midnight, all the fun gets started across the city with the ringing beats of the DJs plus performers to enjoy the event beautifully. Berlin is already a beautiful cultural hub for those who want to flourish, but at the time of New Year Eve, they invite individual music bands for adding to the fun and entertainment of New Year Eve.

Party time for all

It is a fun time for all. The stunning light displays and beauty of the midnight are adding to the entertainment time of the year impressively. The electric night of Berlin is full of fun plus love. It has the party tie for all and sundry to welcome the New Year. Fun is incrementing with the passage of time when the New Year time arrives so people prefer to be here.

Brandenburg Gate

A special place is available for the entertainment time of the year. Special fireworks and arrangements are planned for the moments of New Year Eve so that the community may have it proudly and tremendously indeed. Special walks are arranged at the time of New Year Eve, which are adding to the amusement of the year’s opening.

Ice Skating

The additional entertainment package is available in the child weather of Berlin with the support of ice skating at the closing of the year. Special arrangements are made for winter walks as well. Christmas garden arrangements also add to the amusement and celebrations tastefully. Smoothly, the fun goes on, and people may enjoy it at a high level. It is a different style of enjoyment, which is a fun time at New Year, which is entertaining.

Bangkok New Year Eve

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is a city with shrines and active street life. They say that December is the best time of the year to enjoy the beauty of Bangkok in Thailand. There is an excellent option for enjoyment reasons. One may pick any to enjoy it in every way. One may decide about it by reviewing all of them. Globally the New Year Eve is a unique event, so how can Bangkok be staying on a side? It is also supposed to be part of the fun and entertainment indeed.

Special entertainments for the year are:

Rooftop Setups

Restaurants and bars are adding to the fun of the New Year Eve at the rooftops. For the purpose, one may enjoy the beauty of food and wines at the roofs beautifully and entertainingly. Rooftop always gives a beautiful plus serene look when you are going to enjoy it. The nightscape at the time of New Year Eve will provide you with a perfect romantic look. Buffet restaurants and western-style dishes add to the fu of dinning over there. Indeed, sky hotels are having a party beautifully and attractively.

Central World

One of the famous places for New Year Eve is the Central world. It is adding to the fun for the light-up of events for Christmas and the New Year both. Bangkokian participates and makes fun to enjoy the time of the year with the winter feelings and festive’ fun. They start the New Year Eve progression with the prayer time for a while and then the entertainment till the late hours after midnight.

Street Fun

Busy roads and streets are adding to the entertainment time. They are all making the joy out in the streets at the event of New Year Eve, so they all may feel happy and contended to say goodbye to the previous year and welcome the new one with open arms and warmth of the heart. All the shops, bars, pubs, and entertainment spots on the roads plus streets remain free for the whole night indeed. Khao San Road has earned a name in this regard. It is the unique tag to get in touch at the time of New Year Eve. Singing, dancing and food fun is added to the chunks of life for more and more flow of entertainment.


Further entertainment packages are available at the riverside as well at New Year Eve. They are giving luxurious New Year Eve packages as dinner cruises plus fireworks. A farewell to the previous year and a welcome at the same time to the New Year held at the Phraya River, which is famous for the trendy display of fireworks’ colors on the sky at midnight of New Year. Night entertainment is above the mark as the cruises keep on adding to the fun moments at New Year Eve by igniting over the rivers. The firework shadows can be seen in the serene waters of the rivers in a significant way.

Romantic New Year’s Eve Destinations


Whenever the time of New Year comes, it is best to0 spend with the ones we love the most. There are a lot of spaces to visit where you can be romantic with your partner along with enjoying the New Year eve. These destinations are actually filled with love feels and romance that can enrich your relationship.

Here mentioning all the best romantic New Year’s Eve destinations.

  1. Edinburgh – Scotland:

At 31st of December, Edinburgh is the place where you can enjoy Scottish version New Year. There is a particular name for those celebrations as Hogmanay. The place equips attractive display of fireworks, backdrop of Edinburgh’s iconic castle, and New Year rolls in the chorus of Auld Land Syne. These celebrations are great for the couples looking for romance along with fun.

  1. Sydney – Australia:

You should definitely give a visit to Sydney with the love of your life. along the Sydney Harbour, sitting for romantic dinner, this will be the best position for enjoying the most famous city fireworks. After this, give a visit to Bondi Beach and enjoy dancing with your soul mate at the huge party. And end your celebrations with an enormous countdown with your partner. Seems amazing, right?

  1. Rio de Janeiro – Brazil:

The Copacabana Beach at Brazil also arranges a great show for New Year Eve, it is widely known for the world’s best carnival. This is the place that seeps passion and is a top place for romantic couples. Get into the styles of locals and begin your time with rinks and continue with dancing hard on the sound of samba. In the meantime, the fireworks begin to shoot an lights up the whole sky at night.

  1. Cape Town – South Africa:

Spending your New Year Eve at Cape Town is a terrific idea. The city decorates with the fireworks from the table mountain; this is the most romantic highlight of this city. The city avails you a lot of romantic and entertaining street parties, music shows, etc to enjoy your New Year celebration in the Cape Quarter.

  1. London – England:

Whole year around, London is one of the favorite place for couples. However, at the time of New Year, it shines differently. You should visit the bridge that crosses the Thames for 10 minutes of fascinating fireworks that enhances the skyline of London with your partner. Besides this, if you want to enjoy like their local people then visit the streets and restaurant where parties are ongoing as it accelerates the enjoyment. However, a romantic dinner will be a great.

  1. Hong Kong:

Hong Kong turns into a big party place on the time of New Year Eve. There could be nothing more than a huge pyrotechnic dragon lights up the whole skyline of city. To make your trip ultimate, give a visit to the Victoria Harbour. To experience Chinese New Year, take a trip to Hong Kong. Visiting Hong Kong with your soul mate is a whole new level experience specially at New Year Eve.


Best Places to Spend New Year Eve Alone


If you are alone then you may think spending New Year eve would be boring. But it is not something true. There are a lot of things you can do to celebrate your New Year Eve even if you are alone. You should always make the last countdown of the year memorable by joining parties and having great feasts.

If you are a travel lover then visit these places to spend your New Year Eve alone.

  1. British Virgin Island – Caribbean:

Here in British Virgin Island visiting the legendary Foxy’s Tamarind Bar and Restaurant at New Year Eve is a well known Caribbean tradition. The people interested in parties go to the small island of Jost Van Dyke for enjoying revelry evening in full swing with BBQ, drinks, DJs, and a lot of celebrations. This party mostly has musicians from all over the world.

  1. Venice – Italy:

Here in Venice, you will experience the sing of gondoliers, masked balls, graceful bridges that will not let you feel lonely. The whole place is known to pull the crowd. This is why it is a great place to welcome your New Year. At the time of New Year, Italians celebrate the day as St Sylvester’s Feast day and focus on homes feasting whole day long with extravagant dishes. The must thing in their feats is lentils. Moreover, their restaurants are also at huge to serve you with the best they can.

  1. Brighton – UK:

Anytime you visit Brighton, it will make you feel celebrations, fun and party. But it makes new records on 31st December. The New Year party begins at the spindly base of this landmark, the i360 tower. The celebrations begin with a slap-up meal and continue with spinning on the dance floor with live DJs increasing volume of the whole scene. Its core event is a flight in the tower’s pod that gets increased to 450ft. besides this; the whole city has parties on different venues that include, restaurants, streets, bars, etc.

  1. Paris – France:

The best option to spend your New Year Eve alone in Paris is to visit Eiffel Tower shimmering in the night sky. It is something magical an stunning to welcome your new year. Being alone at Eiffel Tower will never make you feel lonely. You will be wholly gathered with crowds who are there to watch that enormous scene.

  1. Spain – Barcelona:

Maybe you already know that Barcelona comes in the list of most vibrant cities of Europe. It has a lot of distinctive architectures, tasteful feasts, and never fascinating places for partygoers. Traveling Spain alone to spend New Year Eve recommends you to go to the place their locals celebrate eve. Placa d’Espanya is the place where the people of Barcelona visits an enjoy watching the prolonged pyrotechnics on Muntjuic. After this, people visit the popular architectural museum as it arranges an enormous dance party. Besides this, there are a lot more places you can hunt alone and enjoy a lot at New Year Eve.

Best Places to Spend New Year in Europe


New Year’s celebration is the time when we are stepping ahead with leaving the old times back and beginning new time with happiness and enjoyment. There could be nothing better for the travel lovers to begin their new year with experiencing new traditions, new friends, and new places.

Here mentioning the best places to spend New Year in Europe. Here you can begin with your right foot by visiting these New Year Eve parties.

  1. Dubrovnik:

The city of Dubrovnik is one step ahead of Croatia as it has a huge intimate New Year party. This event is held in the main street of city, Dubrovnik center on Stradun. This place enables you to get interacted with locals on the way to restaurants and celebrating crows everywhere. This event provides you a great program of entertainment and music making your eve super fascinating. If you are traveling with your family or friends then begin with a cozy feast or if you are with your partner then begin with splurging on a means at any one of cities high level establishments.

  1. Istanbul:

Maybe you also know that Istanbul is always on the rise for the travel lovers. There would be nothing better to visit Istanbul than New Year Time. To begin your New Year journey at Istanbul, visit the traditional Turkish restaurant in Istiklal Caesi or Bebek. Here celebrations are not huge so it will be calm. After this for full on entertainment and celebrations join the crowds of Taksim Street or such other place. If such places are not your style then go to a river that is along the Bosphorus and just enjoy watching New Year celebrations while you sail.

  1. Stockholm:

The people of Sweden celebrate Christmas and New Year in a bit subdued style. This indicates that they get prepared for huge parties on the evening of New Year. In Stockholm, the streets pour with crowds celebrating New Year. You should get filled with special seafood at any traditional restaurant prior to joining parties at Skansen, the center of Stockholm celebrations.

  1. Vienna:

Vienna is something great you can travel to experience an old world type New Year celebration. The most popular party of this city is the Grand Bell occurs at the Hofburg Palace. Besides this, you can visit the most famous Christmas markets of Vienna that turns info New Year Eve trail and fairs. In this city the party starts at 2 in afternoon and continues till the midnight. The spectacular fireworks accelerate the experience at a new city.

  1. Reykjavik:

The city of Reykjavik only has sunlight for about 4 hours at the time of New Year. This means that the locals are wholly ready to begin celebration with a light festival. You will enjoy their bonfire, which they begin at the start and believes that it burns the troubles of old year. The restaurants, clubs, and bars get opened till mid night.

Best Places to Spend New Year event In India


India is a mixture of cultures with a lot of interesting things and traditions hidden in the envelope of history. This is why it is having an interest in outsiders as well as insiders keenly for having some unique places to enjoy the special times of the year, for instance, the New Year event. It is a particular time of the year indeed.

Popular places for entertainment and fun on New Year event in India

Albeit India is full of places to be there for the out of the ordinary occasion of New Year, and they cannot be elaborated in short words, but for your interest, we are going to have a review of some of them with a high rating. They are having a great flow of visitors on the occasion of the New Year event indeed. They are:

  • Goa: it is one more name for a beach lover. Those who are critically searching for having the plus of entertainment package in the New Year can travel to Goa for having a great night over there with a lot of fun like fireworks plus foodie parties.
  • Mumbai: it is the mother of living places as it is the awakening city of India. It never sleeps down; the show is always alive over there. You cannot stop enjoying it if you are there. You are going to have a lot of spicy plus sweet food embedded with the colorful cultural touch of South Asia’s trends.
  • Bangalore:  another name to the historical potencies is the city of Bangalore. It is an entertainment spot for those who are in search of food in addition to fun plus shopping zones. You are going to have a plethora of gift stuff as well for the loved ones from here.
  • Kolkata: it is the cultural hub of India, which is going to be a part of fun and enjoyment for those who are going to have it as a fun platter for the particular time of New Year event. Here one may distinguish the Ganga for the best amusement spot at the closing of the year and opening of the New Year.
  • Delhi: nobody can ignore the heart of India as it is the capital where the special arrangements and fireworks plus entertainment are set for the particular time of the year on behalf of the government too. You may have the additional package of food with the crux of shopping in hand.
  • Pondicherry: it is a peaceful place with a lot of serene silence hidden inside it, but still, they are also having a plethora package of entertainment on the occasion of New Year especially. They are also adding the natural touch to the beauty of New Year in many ways.
  • Karnataka: a cultural heritage that is having unique fun on beaches plus arrangements for the fireworks for the particular New Year time for the audience. An additional feature is the cheapest hotels and resorts availability over there for the visitors.



Best New Year Eve Parties In The World

When the New Year is drawing close, most of the countries around the globe start to manage and plan specific parties for the particular time of the year. It is a unique event all around the world, but still, there are some popular places where one may observe it at its peak level.

Popular Spots For New Year 2021 Event In World:

The prevalent New Year celebrations are having something pretty unique for the attraction of the people; this is why they get heavy traffic of the audience every year. These popular spots are:


surprisingly, people talk about winter hugs on New Year, but here in Australia, one may enjoy the summer at the time of New Year. This is why Sydney beaches display a great show at the specific time of the year. New Year’s Eve is added with the colors of the fireworks in addition to the food at the Harbor of lights.


the popular street dance of Edinburgh adds to the entertainment plus fun of the New Year is a great way. People celebrate the New Year with the celebrations of special concerts plus fireworks till late night and the opening of the New Year morning.


New York is always under the limelight for the particular time of the year. They plan special events like concerts plus singers’ display for New Year’s Eve. Pyrotechnic light plus fireworks add to the splendor of the New Year night.


it is talking about the street parties, which are all about fun on the roads at New Year’s Eve. Another addition is the food plus magic shows, which are mainly planned for the time of the New Year’s Eve.


how can one forget the elevated celebrations on the heights, like Eifel Tower in Paris? Also, cruise parties are motivated to add fun to the visitors so they may have more at New Year’s Eve.


the royal blood is also with warmth at the time of New Year. Special royal parades can be seen in London on the eve of New Year. The night is further animated with the colors of firework.


beaches are a symbol of entertainment; this is why Rio de Janeiro is doing more with the fireworks and wildest parties at the time of New Year’s Eve.


the dreamland, Dubai, is also doing well at the eve of New Year by fountain show plus fireworks at the peak of the famous building known to us, Burj Khalifa.

New Year – A Fresh Beginning

In all ways, people and countries intend to do it differently. The only common thing is the happiness plus entertainment they are expecting to celebrate. All of them are having hope for goodness in the upcoming year. This is why they want to give a salute to the previous year and an opening to the New Year in the arms of warmth plus tenderness. This is joyous and entertaining around the globe in every way.