Best Places to Spend New Year in Europe


New Year’s celebration is the time when we are stepping ahead with leaving the old times back and beginning new time with happiness and enjoyment. There could be nothing better for the travel lovers to begin their new year with experiencing new traditions, new friends, and new places.

Here mentioning the best places to spend New Year in Europe. Here you can begin with your right foot by visiting these New Year Eve parties.

  1. Dubrovnik:

The city of Dubrovnik is one step ahead of Croatia as it has a huge intimate New Year party. This event is held in the main street of city, Dubrovnik center on Stradun. This place enables you to get interacted with locals on the way to restaurants and celebrating crows everywhere. This event provides you a great program of entertainment and music making your eve super fascinating. If you are traveling with your family or friends then begin with a cozy feast or if you are with your partner then begin with splurging on a means at any one of cities high level establishments.

  1. Istanbul:

Maybe you also know that Istanbul is always on the rise for the travel lovers. There would be nothing better to visit Istanbul than New Year Time. To begin your New Year journey at Istanbul, visit the traditional Turkish restaurant in Istiklal Caesi or Bebek. Here celebrations are not huge so it will be calm. After this for full on entertainment and celebrations join the crowds of Taksim Street or such other place. If such places are not your style then go to a river that is along the Bosphorus and just enjoy watching New Year celebrations while you sail.

  1. Stockholm:

The people of Sweden celebrate Christmas and New Year in a bit subdued style. This indicates that they get prepared for huge parties on the evening of New Year. In Stockholm, the streets pour with crowds celebrating New Year. You should get filled with special seafood at any traditional restaurant prior to joining parties at Skansen, the center of Stockholm celebrations.

  1. Vienna:

Vienna is something great you can travel to experience an old world type New Year celebration. The most popular party of this city is the Grand Bell occurs at the Hofburg Palace. Besides this, you can visit the most famous Christmas markets of Vienna that turns info New Year Eve trail and fairs. In this city the party starts at 2 in afternoon and continues till the midnight. The spectacular fireworks accelerate the experience at a new city.

  1. Reykjavik:

The city of Reykjavik only has sunlight for about 4 hours at the time of New Year. This means that the locals are wholly ready to begin celebration with a light festival. You will enjoy their bonfire, which they begin at the start and believes that it burns the troubles of old year. The restaurants, clubs, and bars get opened till mid night.

Updated: March 30, 2020 — 4:30 pm

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