Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Pakistan


Even though, if it is not an old traditional, still it is quite faster making its place and getting popular. Yes here I am mentioning about New Year celebration. It is mostly considerable among kids, teens, and young adults. The most obvious way to celebrate new year eve in Pakistan is amazing display, males dancing on streets in a crowd, songs, and of course fireworks at its huge. The major cities of Pakistan host quite great functions for New Year event. The displays arrange are enough to draw crowds.

Here mentioning the places you can visit in New Year in Pakistan.

  1. Karachi – The City of Lights:

It is the largest city of Pakistan and yes the busiest too. Karachi is expanded in large area of land. There are three major places where the New Year Celebration Events occurs.

Seaview: at the end time of 2017, the government of Sindh excluded the ban on New Year celebration at Seaview. Now there people gather here with their families for a great firework display. This is the function arranged by the provincial government for entertainment of the local people. But, potential security also arranges for peaceful celebration.

Port Grand: Port Grand also arranges musical night at New Year eve from the past few times. Mostly live concerts occur with famous Pakistani singers like Farhan Saeed, Nudrat Mughal, Naveed Taj, Amjad Warsi, and Zubair Rehman. Definitely, the function is equipped with a lot of entertainment, a range of delicious cuisines offered, and a lot of fun activities. End the New Year night get ends with a colorful view of fireworks all over the sky.

Bahria Town: Bahria Town also arranges a big event for New Year. The main thing you will observe here is the fireworks covering the sky.

  1. Lahore – The City of Gardens:

Lahore is also great in celebrating the New Year Event in Pakistan. Lahore has two main events for New Year. Alongside, people gather on street, dance and do fireworks for their celebration. ‘

Amanah Mall: Amanah Mall has the biggest celebration concerts for New Year. Last year the most melodious singer Sahir Ali Bagga was there to entertain people. This enables people to sing with him along with dancing and then the countdown begins. The night ends with a lot of fireworks with your family and friends.

Bahria Town: The major celebration of this place is the fireworks that especially creates rainbow in night at sky.

  1. Islamabad – The Capital:

Islamabad is quite near Rawalpindi, so commuting is quite easy in both of these cities. Two grand functions occur here. Still, people gather on streets to celebrate their New Year.

Giga Mall: Giga mall has enormous New Year event celebration program. The whole sky lights up with beautiful color fireworks. Everyone is welcomes to join.

Bahria Town: here also the function has fireworks, songs, and people dance. The night ends with beautiful fireworks covering the sky. Countdown begins and the whole crowd cheers out loud and watches the sky amazingly.

Updated: March 30, 2020 — 7:10 pm

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