Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Mexico


All over the world, the time of New Year is actually a gala time. Everyone wants to begin their new year with ultimate fun and positivity. People want to experience wonderful and exciting feats happening around. Being in Mexico gives you fantastic time at the end of year to welcome your new year with great fun. The whole Mexico transforms into positive vibe people celebrating here and there and welcoming New Year with wishes in mind.

So here are the best places where you can spend your new year in Mexico.

  1. Plaza De La Constitution:

This is actually the place having all the traditional Mexican culture with its full sprits and festivities. It offers you fireworks, delicious cuisines, decorative and creative lighting all over the streets, etc. while celebrating new year event, people can expect a lot more than this. If you want to experience something new this New Year eve, then this place is a perfect choice.

  1. Zocalo:

Zocalo is the major street of Mexico City. Here the most vibrant sort of celebrations occurs. You will experience the fireworks, tasty foods, and the grapes market. The core thing you will enjoy here is the food getting prepared in the restaurants on this street. This streets avails you ultimate gala time with your family and friends. The celebrations here continuous till night, so if you want to go to Mexico, must visit this street at New Year eve.

  1. Monterrey:

Maybe you already know that this is the place just 100 miles far from the United States of America. The one living there can easily come here to experience new things. In the New Year time, everyone follows their traditions so tourists get to know about it. At the final time, Monterrey offers you ultimate fun along with a great cheerful crowd, good food, and of course fireworks. Wholly, this is a great place to visit and spend the days of your New Year event. It is a must visit place for those living in the USA.

  1. Puerto Vallarta:

Basically, Puerto Vallarta is a beach destination. People can easily spend here New Year eve with singing around and having mouth watering cuisines along with drinks. As it is a beach side, so you can also get into private celebration. This is actually difficult to find in this time of year. The restaurants can boost your mood with their outrageous crowd, great music, and exciting mood. Definitely, this beach party in New Year is a great to consider thing.

  1. Guadalajara:

This is the funniest place to spend your new year in Mexico. Apart from all other cities, here people are willing to spend their New Year time outdoor. The markets are wholly lit up adorning the people and New Year celebration. You can gather things with you like inner wear, lentils, grapes, and eggs. There it is tradition to enjoy the New Year with breaking the piƱata.

Updated: March 30, 2020 — 7:10 pm

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