Best Places to Spend New Year event In India


India is a mixture of cultures with a lot of interesting things and traditions hidden in the envelope of history. This is why it is having an interest in outsiders as well as insiders keenly for having some unique places to enjoy the special times of the year, for instance, the New Year event. It is a particular time of the year indeed.

Popular places for entertainment and fun on New Year event in India

Albeit India is full of places to be there for the out of the ordinary occasion of New Year, and they cannot be elaborated in short words, but for your interest, we are going to have a review of some of them with a high rating. They are having a great flow of visitors on the occasion of the New Year event indeed. They are:

  • Goa: it is one more name for a beach lover. Those who are critically searching for having the plus of entertainment package in the New Year can travel to Goa for having a great night over there with a lot of fun like fireworks plus foodie parties.
  • Mumbai: it is the mother of living places as it is the awakening city of India. It never sleeps down; the show is always alive over there. You cannot stop enjoying it if you are there. You are going to have a lot of spicy plus sweet food embedded with the colorful cultural touch of South Asia’s trends.
  • Bangalore:  another name to the historical potencies is the city of Bangalore. It is an entertainment spot for those who are in search of food in addition to fun plus shopping zones. You are going to have a plethora of gift stuff as well for the loved ones from here.
  • Kolkata: it is the cultural hub of India, which is going to be a part of fun and enjoyment for those who are going to have it as a fun platter for the particular time of New Year event. Here one may distinguish the Ganga for the best amusement spot at the closing of the year and opening of the New Year.
  • Delhi: nobody can ignore the heart of India as it is the capital where the special arrangements and fireworks plus entertainment are set for the particular time of the year on behalf of the government too. You may have the additional package of food with the crux of shopping in hand.
  • Pondicherry: it is a peaceful place with a lot of serene silence hidden inside it, but still, they are also having a plethora package of entertainment on the occasion of New Year especially. They are also adding the natural touch to the beauty of New Year in many ways.
  • Karnataka: a cultural heritage that is having unique fun on beaches plus arrangements for the fireworks for the particular New Year time for the audience. An additional feature is the cheapest hotels and resorts availability over there for the visitors.



Updated: March 30, 2020 — 4:17 pm

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