Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Brazil


Brazil comes in the list of all largest countries in South America. The people of Brazil are rooted to their traditional beliefs and values. The people of Brazil use to celebrate their New Year more like a festival celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal covered in cultural values and norms. This event in Brazil gets celebrated at larger pace.

Here listing down the places you can visit for New Year event in Brazil.

  1. Capocabana Beach:

Capocabana Beach shows the most beautiful occurring of this festival in Brazil. This great party at beach features a lot of delicious food, live music, dazzling fireworks and of course millions of crowds. The fireworks at Brazil’s New Year event last for about 15 minutes sparking the whole sky. According to their tradition and ritual, people wear white colored clothes and wish good luck for each other.

  1. Alter Do Chao – Para:

This is actually a name of beach that is also said to be as Brazilian Caribbean Sea. This sea is known as one of the most fine looking fresh water beaches in the world. Its location is Tapojos River. This beach hosts grand New Year party and even the party is long lasting. The party begins from 27 of December and ends on the New Year day. The major entertainment of this party is live music concert and the hidden secret.

  1. Garopaba – Santa Catrina:

The northeastern and southeastern parts of Brazil are tourists attraction. In small time this small place Garopaba got a lot of popularity. There is a huge new year event party happens. The center of attraction is their Virada Magica Party. Besides the fireworks displayed at night, the morning sunrise view of this places mesmerizes the hearts. If you really want to celebrate your New Year time in Brazil then this is the perfect place.

  1. Visconde De Maua – Rio De Janerio:

There come a lot of points about party in Brazil. Most of the Brazilians do not like to party on beach. In fact, in place of this, they like to visit any other place having nature. Rio De Janerio is the place covered with nature featuring numerous waterfalls, lush greenery, lakes, rivers, and a lot of tasty local dishes. It is the perfect place to dwell. It enables you to do a lot of activities like visiting Italiaia national park, hiking up the mountains, isolated waterfalls, walking over the pedestrians, and a lot more. Besides all this, it offers you a lot of more things to accelerate the experience of your New Year.

  1. Porto Seguru:

After Copacabana Beach, Porto Seguru Beach is the second ultimate choice. This place is preferable for hosting New Year parties. It offers you numerous infrastructure facilities and landmark beaches. Its other places features in playing mix music like Brazilian pop, but especially in Porto Seguru you can hear only one type of music names as AXE. It is actually a combo of Brazilian rhymes.

Updated: March 30, 2020 — 6:55 pm

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