Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Australia


Australia comes under the list of most vibrant country. It is a best place to visit in the month of December to escape the cold winters. It enables you to celebrate New Year event in a different charm than all other places. During the New Year a lot of people including the locals and tourists gather around in the cities to experience the fireworks and welcome New Year.

Here are some of the places in Australia you can visit to welcome your new year differently.

  1. Sydney:

Without any doubt Sydney is one of the best places to spend your New Year eve throughout Australia. Sydney makes you experience swarming the most famous harbor of city foreshore for catching the glimpse of the firework ongoing. There are a variety of different colorful fireworks displayed to accelerate the experience. most of the New Year festivals in Sydney occurs in the harbor bridge from where you can experience the best views and ultimate fireworks.

  1. Brisbane:

Story bridge in Brisbane is the place you can go for experiencing ultimate fun for New Year celebrations in Australia. This is the major point in Brisbane where all the celebrations occur concerning the New Year night. The bridge gets decorated with colorful lights that cover the whole background. More than 30,000 firecrackers launches from the rooftops to enhance the celebrations. In Australia, Brisbane one of the must visit place.

  1. Melbourne:

In Melbourne, for New Year Eve celebrations, the sky entirely gets light up with a lot of colored sparkles from the fireworks. They fireworks get initiated from high rising towers in Melbourne. The famous spots of Melbourne get occupied with locals and tourists for celebrating the New Year eve. You can visit the Yarra Park to become the part of carnival celebrations.

  1. Adelaide:

Adelaide allows you to enjoy mesmerizing fireworks that are displayed from the northern fringe of the central part of the city. The city leaves the people awestruck at 9pm and midnight by lighting up the whole sky. To enjoy the live concerts, you can ho to Elder Park. You can see a lot of talented musicians performing and you can accelerate your celebrations by munching the local food of Australia. Accommodating this park, you can easily find a lot of food stalls selling fresh and tasty foods. For making your New Year Eve different, consider going, Adelaide.

  1. Hobart:

Maybe you already know about the most popular festival of Australia, Tasmania. This get occurs in the month of Decembers and continues the whole January. This festival is open for all visitors. It entertains you by showing the new year food traditions of Australia, offers you handcrafted premium quality cheese, pinot noir, local sea urchins, and pear cider. In evening times, this festival only allows the ticket holders. The people who are foodies should must visit this place. Besides this, you can experience the fireworks in the sky and countdown occurs in most of the streets.

Updated: July 15, 2020 — 7:08 am

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