Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Asia

Best Places to Spend New Year Event in Asia

Definitely, you will know about each and everything about New Year and Christmas in your hometown. If you can then you should escape for just few days and enjoy a new feel at a different place. Plan to spend your New Year in Asia. This is a chance for you to good bye your old fortune and enters in new year with new experience in a new culture. It would be your unforgettable night whether if you spend your night at fireworks in Taipel or get to the highland in Sentosa Island.

Here mentioning the best places to celebrate New Year in Asia.

1.     Victoria Harbor – Hong Kong:

Maybe you also know, Victoria Harbor is a globally known place having striking waterfront views in Hong Kong at seaside. This is one of the best place to enjoy your New Year time in Hong Kong. To enjoy the New Year countdown, go to the belle of the ball. There is also a street party providing you bright and energetic surrounding. Alongside, there will be a ten minute pyro musical lighting all over the sky.

2.   Taipel – Taiwan:

Taipel is one of the most popular cities all over the world for celebrating New Year night. People proudly display huge fireworks with the help of expert designers. People flock that you are unable to stand closely to the skyscraper. At Taipel you can enjoy a lot of things like New Year night firework at river side parks, Room 18, Luxy, ATT, show box, and Grand Hyatt Hotel.

3.   Singapore:

Singapore is highly impacted by western world. Singapore has huge and beautiful celebrations for the New Year Evening whole across the country. But its most wanted show occurs in the most popular Marina Bay Sands celebrations at the Singapore skyline with the boom said to be as Supernova Countdown. The turnaround time for fireworks at Singapore is just 8 minutes that lights up the whole downtown of the country. After this, you can enjoy Wishing Spheres ceremony where you mention your wishes on a floating orb, lit that and then float with the flow of water. Seems enjoying, right? It is. The dark night of New Year transforms into sparkling lights all over the sky and land too. At the infinity pool, wild parties occur,

4.   Bangkok – Thailand:

Do you know, the main New Year eve of Thailand occurs in April. But the first day of year is still a remarkable day. A lot of parties and events get celebrated in entire country in December 31st and 1st January. But the most considerable place to spend your new year time is the capital of this country, the Bangkok city.

5.    Chi Minh City – Vietnam:

In this city of Vietnam, the whole city sparkles at Vietnam. This city will give you a wonderful experience of New Year. Being a part of a night club at new year even will accelerate your experience at ultimate level. joining the street celebration will be ultimate experience.

Updated: March 30, 2020 — 6:24 pm

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