Bangkok New Year Eve

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is a city with shrines and active street life. They say that December is the best time of the year to enjoy the beauty of Bangkok in Thailand. There is an excellent option for enjoyment reasons. One may pick any to enjoy it in every way. One may decide about it by reviewing all of them. Globally the New Year Eve is a unique event, so how can Bangkok be staying on a side? It is also supposed to be part of the fun and entertainment indeed.

Special entertainments for the year are:

Rooftop Setups

Restaurants and bars are adding to the fun of the New Year Eve at the rooftops. For the purpose, one may enjoy the beauty of food and wines at the roofs beautifully and entertainingly. Rooftop always gives a beautiful plus serene look when you are going to enjoy it. The nightscape at the time of New Year Eve will provide you with a perfect romantic look. Buffet restaurants and western-style dishes add to the fu of dinning over there. Indeed, sky hotels are having a party beautifully and attractively.

Central World

One of the famous places for New Year Eve is the Central world. It is adding to the fun for the light-up of events for Christmas and the New Year both. Bangkokian participates and makes fun to enjoy the time of the year with the winter feelings and festive’ fun. They start the New Year Eve progression with the prayer time for a while and then the entertainment till the late hours after midnight.

Street Fun

Busy roads and streets are adding to the entertainment time. They are all making the joy out in the streets at the event of New Year Eve, so they all may feel happy and contended to say goodbye to the previous year and welcome the new one with open arms and warmth of the heart. All the shops, bars, pubs, and entertainment spots on the roads plus streets remain free for the whole night indeed. Khao San Road has earned a name in this regard. It is the unique tag to get in touch at the time of New Year Eve. Singing, dancing and food fun is added to the chunks of life for more and more flow of entertainment.


Further entertainment packages are available at the riverside as well at New Year Eve. They are giving luxurious New Year Eve packages as dinner cruises plus fireworks. A farewell to the previous year and a welcome at the same time to the New Year held at the Phraya River, which is famous for the trendy display of fireworks’ colors on the sky at midnight of New Year. Night entertainment is above the mark as the cruises keep on adding to the fun moments at New Year Eve by igniting over the rivers. The firework shadows can be seen in the serene waters of the rivers in a significant way.

Updated: March 19, 2020 — 7:26 pm

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